A Band of Brothers

The Brotherhood

Bakbakan International is a brotherhood of martial artists from different disciplines of martial arts. It is not a style nor representative of any single style. It is a center for the sharing of ideas, techniques and knowledge. It serves as the driving force in keeping realistic, practical and proven martial arts at the forefront in these days of numerous “paper” masters and founders. This pioneering and innovative organization has an ever-growing but select membership representing progressive fighting styles. The ideas interchange between the diverse fighting styles and enthusiastic members create a dynamic foundation for continuously improving combat arts.

A Gathering of some of the Senior Members of Bakbakan International.
Dodong Sta. Iglesia, Ding Binay, Ronnie Ricketts, Rolly Maximo, Rey Galang, Rey Dizer, Topher Ricketts, Edgar Aristorenas and Tony Diego

Warrior Arts of the Philippines

Bakbakan International brings together Grandmasters and Masters of different schools and styles. Although members of the organization represent and practice various oriental and western fighting arts, the association has undertaken the support, propagation and development of the Warrior Arts of the Philippines in the form of workshops, camps, books and instructional video tapes. With this undertaking, it is expected that the Philippine combat arts will continuously develop and grow within and outside the Philippines.

Symbols, Rituals, and Membership

Unfaltering in its dedication and progressive ideals, Bakbakan International maintains its reputation of being an association of dedicated and skilled martial artists. Affiliation with Bakbakan International is not just an involvement, it is a commitment.

The religious, spiritual and fraternal heritage of the Philippines is evident in the symbols and rites adopted and practiced by Bakbakan International. The values and principles of Bakbakan International, following traditional, regional and Katipunan conventions, are evident in the ritual order in which members pledge their allegiance, loyalty and obedience to God, to country, and to the brotherhood.

Acceptance into the Bakbakan membership is intentionally spread over a period of time in such a way that the wannabes are weeded out without any restrictive requirements. The interval between apprenticeship into associate status and the final full-fledged membership is customized to automatically discard those that are looking for easy and fast recognition and to extract the committed and dedicated practitioner.

Bakbakan membership is individually earned and awarded. It is not inherited or passed between generations. It must be individually earned and correspondingly awarded in accordance to the Bakbakan Rites of Passage. Succesfull candidates are recorded in the Membership Register and are duly awarded a Certificate attesting to their outstanding and triumphant endeavor. The rules and regulations for Membership are covered in detail in the Bakbakan Member’s Handbook.

The 1994 Gathering, Makati YMCA, Metro Manila Philippines

The New Jersey Chapter (Circa 1997 – BCI, Garfield, NJ)
Front: Jan Jardiniano, Don Veluz, Rey Galang, Chary Salvo and Alain Salvo
Rear: Cyril Roderos, John Jacobo, Sonny Mocling and Jeremy Manalang

The Tri-step Salutation

The Bakbakan International brotherhood’s primary covenant is to support, propagate and develop the Warrior Arts of the Philippines. The ideals of Bakbakan are embodied in its tri-step salutation, emphasizing the following:

Karunungan – Knowledge
Katapatan – Loyalty
Katarungan – Justice or Truth

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